Sunday, 20 October 2013

This website will no longer be updated on a regular basis

I would like to apologise to all my readers for not putting any new posts on this blog for a while. I have lost the touch with my friends (and contributors) somewhat during the last few years because I have been working on a fiction novel which is set in Kalkan, not far from where my mum lived for many years.
The story is about a young woman who gets swept off her feet by a mysterious stranger and moves to Kalkan, but I have also tried to portray life in Turkey exactly how I saw it during all those years when I used to visit my mum and if you are familiar with the area you may recognize a few places.
 My novel is now out on Kindle, but the first book is no more than a drop in the ocean and I have so many more stories to tell.

Unfortunately it is no longer possible for me to keep updating my blog because I am currently working on another novel, which is due to come out in January and, even thought now I work seven days a week, I never seem to have any free time. I will be emailing my former contributors in the next few months. It may be that one of them will be able to take over this site.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

The nature and animals of India

Coconuts are everywhere
 So are the dogs

 and the cats.

 This friendly pig would eat almost anything.

 There are the crows.

But what on earth is this??

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer in London. Regents park.

Regent's Park is one of the largest Royal Parks located in North West London. It has excellent facilities for sports and is home to an Open Air Theatre and the London Zoo. When the weather is nice it is a popular place for a stroll and if the fresh air makes you hungry you can visit one of the various outdoor cafes and restaurants.
Despite a recently increase in the number of visitors to the park it remains a great place for bird and wildlife watching.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Exploring Key West

Key West is the most southern island in the Straits of Florida, USA. It is situated only about 90 miles (140km) from Cuba. Key West Town is one of the largest and most developed towns in Florida Keys.
Despite being incredibly popular with tourists (at peak times it is almost impossible to find somewhere to stay unless you have booked well in advance), the Key West Town is an easy walkable quaint charming place full of character. Key West is a place of culture too and there are many museums, exhibitions and other places of interest spread around the town.
Many locals consider themselves artistic and free spirited and when you go out in the evening, the bars and restaurants are filled with an easy going and friendly vibe. And if you are looking for a delicious candlelit dinner - you are in the right place. Amazingly for a place that popular, it was not just easy to find tasty food, it was easy to find cheap tasty food, with many places offering special cut price meals during lunch times.
It is great fun wandering around the palm lined streets of Key West and depending on the time of the day it is a totally different experience.
Quirky Key West: Watch out for weirdly shaped trees and count the number of chickens you meet while wandering around the town. You may even find one resting on the top of your car!
Overall, a great place to visit with the only negative being the expensive accommodation.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Hotel in Paris, close to Gare De Lyon train station.

I booked myself into Hotel Logis Terminus Lyon because it was recommended by a friend. I had a traumatic evening, my train arrived late and despite having a map I couldn’t find the hotel so I had to call reception twice to ask for directions. (Yes, it was only across the road, but it was dark and there were more than one exit at the station! :-) ) Luckily for me the guy at reception spoke good English and was helpful and courteous.
My room was on the 5th floor and didn’t have much of a view, but was cosy, clean and tastefully decorated.
It was exceptionally cold in Paris that night and having a lovely warm room to rest in felt very pleasant. My bed was comfy too with a lovely soft, long pillow.
The shower was compact but powerful and sparkling white. The TV had a small range of channels in English, two of which were news channels.
In the morning breakfast was rather good with some croissants (plain and chocolate), ham, cheese, hard boiled eggs and some fruit. Coffee was served in medium sized coffee pots and tasted delicious. Orange juice was from a packet, but tasted okay.
The hotel staff were friendly and helpful at every point and were able to provide additional extras that I forgot as well as advice on various travel points. Having an internet centre was a bonus, as for once I didn’t have my laptop.
Overall, it was a bit pricy but a charming hotel in a good location – right across from Gare De Lyon train station and close to a number of interesting historical sites.